Slowed Landscapes wants to explore the power of SLOWNESS through performative, in situ and participatory installations. BLENDING the human body back in its environment: public urban space, nature or interior situations. The idea is to place the human in a less dominant position, raising awareness and proposing action by slowing down and listening to the body and the environment. Questioning the hierarchy that has been in place for centuries and the speed of everyday life we impose ourselfs.
How to become a stone? Just being there.. How to become moss, covering surface, breathing. Breathing like a trea? Dried Grass, sleeping nature? Brick how far from nature? Take a brake. Listen, as a animal would do.
This INSITU Project is focusing on ecological touring, therefore we are working with local performers for each adaptation. We care for diversity and iclusion and want the audience (all ages) to be abel to life this experience with us.